How to Plan a Basement Renovation

Written by Davel Construction On December 1, 2020

  Many people have mixed feelings about basement renovations and for good reason. While they can be incredible for the home, adding a ton of space and value, they bring a lot of stress. Many homeowners have problems in their basement that they aren’t confident they can tackle, at least not in a reasonable time. […]

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Backyard Renovations That Will Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Written by Davel Construction On March 6, 2015

Spring is almost upon us again and that means that it’s time for a fresh start for you and your home. While clearing out the old junk from your garage usually comes to mind when you think about spring-cleaning, you should also consider giving your backyard a facelift. A backyard renovation can be a fantastic […]

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How to Take Care of Your Deck

Written by Davel Construction On August 20, 2014

With proper maintenance, a well-built deck can remain a beautiful addition to any home for a very long time. Decks can be particularly vulnerable to wear and tear from the elements, so it’s important to perform regular upkeep. A quick and straightforward routine to preserve the quality of your deck can save you from costly […]

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Quick Tips for a Beautiful Kitchen

Written by Davel Construction On August 14, 2014

Planning a kitchen remodel, but still not sure on where to start? Choosing the right design can be difficult, especially when there are so many options available. Every great kitchen starts with some basic elements that are simple and effective. If you’re still not sure how to plan out your remodel, we’ve put together some […]

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The Key to Long-Lasting Design

Written by Davel Construction On August 7, 2014

Renovations can be a big investment, so it’s important that you go with a design that will be relevant for a long time. It can be tempting to follow popular design trends, but you easily run the risk of having a kitchen or bathroom with a dated appearance in just a few years. However, some […]

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Our Guide to Flooring

Written by Davel Construction On July 24, 2014

You have to admit, flooring doesn’t usually get the respect that it deserves – it’s always being stepped on! Appreciate the support your flooring has provided you with over the years and choose a material that you can really stand behind (and on!) in your next home renovation project. Although there is a wide range […]

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Designing Your New Kitchen Countertop

Written by Davel Construction On July 10, 2014

Countertops are easily one of the most prominent features of any modern kitchen design and making an informed choice for your project can be difficult and requires careful consideration. There are many different materials available and their presence can make or break a kitchen renovation by defining the space and determining the visual tone of […]

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8 Renovations That Will Add Value to Your Home

Written by Davel Construction On July 3, 2014

Looking for a way to get the most value out of your home? Renovations are always a smart choice to strengthen your presence on the housing market, but it’s important to know which renovations will be most attractive to buyers. Optimizing your house’s appeal is easy with our comprehensive list of renovations that will add […]

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How to Care for Your Pool

Written by Davel Construction On June 10, 2014

If you’ve just installed a great new pool in your backyard, you definitely want to keep it looking just as great over time. The key to a beautiful backyard pool is to practice careful, regular maintenance and pay close attention to the conditions of the water. Although it may seem like an intimidating process, there […]

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Choosing a Pergola that Fits Your Life

Written by Davel Construction On

A functional backyard feature ideal for summer entertaining, the pergola is easily one of the most eye-pleasing trends in backyard renovations. Before you dive into sunny days and relaxing nights under the shade of your new pergola, you need to look into all the options to customize your pergola so that it suits your lifestyle […]

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